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¤ Strengthening Strategic Partnerships - Deepening Relationship with Key Partners-US, China, India and Japan, The ASEAN Leadership Forum “Leadership Challenges in 21st Century Southeast Asia: Regional Integration, Competitiveness & Community Building”, Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI) and  the ASEAN Business Forum (ABF) in association with the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies ( ISEAS ) in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March, 2004

¤ How to Subsidize Basic Education in Thailand with Quality and Efficiency, The 17th ICSEI Conference 2004 Building Bridges for Sustainable School Improvement, Rotterdam,The Netherlands, January, 2004

¤ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Practice:  Doing the Impossible or the Inevitable?, Living Economies: Rethinking Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Venture Network Asia (Thailand), Thailand, November, 2003

¤ E-Commerce & The Network Effect, International Business & Economics Research Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, October, 2003

¤ Economic Relations with Japan: A Thai Perspective, International Symposium on Vietnam-Japan Relations : Past, Present and Future, Center for Japan Studies, Hanoi, Vietnam, September, 2003

¤ ASEAN’s Economic Integration: Factors working for it and against it, Smart Partnership International Dialogue, CPTM Smart Partners Hub, Ezulwini, Swaziland, August, 2003

¤ Concerning Autonomy: Leadership and Followship Issues, International Conference University Autonomy : Making It Work, Suranaree University of Technology Nakorn Ratchasima, Thailand,  July 2003

¤ The Significance of Industrial Cluster on Business Competitiveness in Thailand, Thai – Norwegian Chamber of Commerce Business Seminar, Thai – Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, Thailand, March ,2003

¤ Building Corporate Governance in Asia, Presented at Reinventing Asia – The 2003 Harvard Asia Business Conference, Harvard University, Boston, USA, 2003

¤ Making Effective International Joint Ventures in Asia, Reinventing Asia – The 2003 Harvard Asia Business  Conference,Harvard University, Boston, USA,  2003

¤ Bridging the Developmental, Trade and Digital Divide – How South-South Countries Can Enhance Cooperation, Global Governance and Capacity Building in the Face of Globalization, The Non-Aligned Movement’s Business Forum on South-South Cooperation (held in conjunction with the XIII Non-Aligned Movement Summit), The Asian Strategy & Leadership Institute (ASLI) in association with Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia and Malaysia South-South Association (MASSA), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2003

¤ The Role of Japan in Asia: A View in Three Cycles, The International Conference on “Japan and Asia : Prospects for Economic Cooperation in the 21st Century”, The Institute of World Economy, At Institute of World Economy, Dongda, Hanoi, Vietnam, 2003

¤ Redesigning Thailand’s Higher Education for the Challenge of a Knowledge-based Economy, ICSEI 2003-International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement, Centre for Research and International Collaboration The Hong Kong Institute of Education, in Sydney, Australia, 5th – 8th January 2003

¤ Promoting a Sustainable Future in Thailand, Promoting a Sustainable Future through Education and Intercultural Exchange, AFS Intercultural Programs Thailand, Bangkok, December 2002

¤ Redesigning Thailand’s Vocational Training for the Challenge of a Knowledge-based Economy: A Proposal for the Establishment of a Skill Training and Development Fund, International Conference Issues of Culture, Context, & Choice in Development, SEAMEO SPAFA, Bangkok,  November 2002

¤ E-Business and the New Economy in Thailand, Executive Seminar on New Economy - “Creating Wealth Opportunities in E-Business and Venture Capital” organized by Rich Street Communications Sdn Bhd, Thailand, November 2002

¤ The E-learning Growth Model, Globalization and Localization Enmeshed: Searching for a Balance in Education, Faculty  of Education Chulalongkorn University, November 2002

¤ Index of Governance: A Model for Measuring Governance in Thailand, The Sixth International Research Symposium on Public Management (IRSPM VI), University of Edinburgh Management School, Edinburgh, Scotland, April 2002

¤ Cultural Prerequisites for Development, Bertelsmann Foundation 25th Anniversary Symposium: Transforming Our    World Building Democracy , Bertelsmann Foundation, Germany, March 2002

¤ Optimal Quantity of E-learning in a Society, The 2002 International Applied Business Research Conference, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, March 2002


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